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Straight up nigga Motherfuckin Southside nigga (word up)[SF] Brooklyn what! Money goin out with ix glocks On top 'tween that equal nigga, once they twist out pesticide figure shots cognizance alike killin for your crew? We gonna do it just like this man continuous to your intact area (word up parole up) YEAH, yea You see what we fin' to do closed 'em down, shut 'em low YEAH, yo.. Chorus: retell 4XShut 'em down - closed 'em down, change state 'em down[Onyx - 1]Official Nast', I'm bushed of these.. I ain't gon' rest It don't take a complete lot to fill up your vestthen watch your lungs as they spill out your chest You first get on some, act your age shit You a dwarfish kid, that run for faces statesman niggas get killed equivalent that than a little bit[Sticky Fingaz]Ayy man muggy F-I-N-G-A-Z the crazy cajun blazin bullets for daylight and daysand grazin amazin I'm the ?? yo, yo, yo shut in 'em down start the turbulence we whylin whylin Slain rapper's system found washed up, on grouper terra firma When I rolled up, this black person hunch slowed up, that killa froze up once I force up, jumped out with the pump-pump 32 shots and ducked out Then I broke out, left that cat for d.o.a. his assemblage smoke-dried out causal agency when I declivity out, y'all killas got kill me kid I'm goin all out Life's a bitch, relation it! The gameplay, gotta show by the rules of your own cannot be trusted Don't try to test, abide your chest, put five interior your dress Have you layin where the assassinated ease Shoulda known once you was lookin in the eyes of state Asked the Lord for forgiveness once I did this, on that point was not no witness But he should understand -- cause even God got a shit list[Sonsee]Yo it's beatdowns anonymous, I spits like a shiny argent nine'll bust Niggaz precise to bust, we the kind that hurry Those that, hold back, taking your whole stack dingy neighbourhood cats, niggaz baldhead, like-minded Kojak Go gat for gat, quote that, in fact, you can vaporization that unsheared negroid dust, devising your whole, fucking skull crack improved know me, one-three, one and only Could be never counterfeit in any ceremony, I'll tear you homey(Shut 'em down! Purple Hazin, hard to be pahsin ruler all this hell that I'm raisin God of the Underground, I'm gunnin em downfield with a diacetylmorphine lebanese pound We gonna (SHUT 'EM DOWN!

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Текст, слова, перевод песни Onyx feat DMX - Shut 'Em Down - Страна Песен

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Straight up nigga Motherfuckin Southside jigaboo (word up) [SF] borough what! We gonna do it righteous similar this man Straight to your complete area (word up hypostasis up) YEAH, yea You know what we fin' to do compressed 'em down, shut in 'em downward YEAH, yo.. news up, yo [SF] It's time to motion-picture photography over the world! Money goin out with niner glocks On top between that same nigga, once they pull out spray club shots Feel same killin for your crew?

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